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Your horse, your dog, your cat…

Would you like to know what they think, how they feel, if they have any kind of pain?

Did you know that it is possible to communicate with your animal? Each of us can do it, but certain people, like me, have developed the ability of doing it more easily and clearly than others.

Why communicate with your animal?

Animal communication helps the animal’s owner improve its relationship with their animal. Many times we’d like to know what they think, how they feel, if they have any kind of pain…but knowing they can’t talk, we can’t always find a quick solution.

If you are in this kind of situation, I can help !

Because of my gift, I can communicate with your animal and ask your burning questions.

I must warn you that I am no veterinarian, trainer or expert.

When I communicate with your animal, I promise them to say everything I receive from them, even if sometimes it doesn’t make sense right away. During my communication with your animal, in person or remotely, there are no boundaries.

The results can be surprising in some cases because your animal wants to enhance your life like you enhance theirs. Your animal wants to share this life with you.

– Tasha Welsh –

"Katheleen has helped me so much with my program! I have had Injuries that no one could figure out and she helped located it and get them sound. I have had stomach issues and EPM issues she helped discover. She also helped me understand some more challenging horses. My horses and program would not be where it is without her help!"


– Dustin Angelle –

“Understanding how your horse thinks is the biggest part of training horses, Katheleen has brought my understanding to a new level.”

- Missy Jean Etheridge -

"I met Katheleen through my vet, Molly Bellefuille about two years ago. She is truly a gift from God to my program! I stress her out on a regular basis, if she tells me something- I DO IT! We have trained several successful horses together. I’ve been cutting for 20 years and in the last two doubled my lifetime earnings, won 3 futurity jackets, & got inducted into the non pro hall of fame! My motto is I have God & Katheleen!"

How does the communication take place ?


Each communication is unique, but here is how I proceed:

  1. You must select a time in the calendar and pay the communication, then fill the questionnaire.
  2. Then, I communicate with your animal remotely or in person and I take notes of what your animal shares.
  3. Afterward, we set a phone meeting in order for me to share the information I received with you, and you can ask more questions at that time too.